Factobotics implements the R&D project to increase the efficiency and productivity of the textile and clothing industry

Factobotics, LLC continuously invests into R&D activities seeking to offer customers modern robotic solutions for the optimization the sewing process of manufacturing companies. In 2018 Factobotics, LLC has started to implement EU funding project “Overhead” robotic system solution development for production automatization”. During the implementation of the project, special solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of the textile and clothing industry enterprises will be developed.
Goal of the project – to develop new optimal algorithms for transporting materials and semi-finished products between the sewing workstations and their storage in a smart way. As well as to develop functioning prototypes of intelligent transport and automatic storage systems and robot that allows the automated transportation of materials and semi-finished products above the workstations. The solutions developed will allow real-time collection and management of information related to the transport and storage of materials and products, will let to optimize the whole sewing process, shorten its time and reducing downtime.

The prototypes developed will be tested in real-life environment, later adapted for market needs and presented to the potential users. Scientific knowledge acquired during this project will have a significant effect on increasing sewing efficiency and will build the ground for further development of reliable, ergonomic and smart robotic systems.
The target group of the product being developed is small, medium-sized and large clothing manufacturing companies.
Factobotics, LLC will implement the project together with the factory Devold, LLC.
The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
Project promoter – Factobotics, LLC;
Project partner – Devold, LLC;
Total value of the project: 604 999,85 EUR;
EU grant: 418 730, 79 EUR;
Start date of project implementation – 01/10/2018;
End date of the project implementation – 30/11/2019.


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