Unique flexible robot welding solution

What is Flexy-Weld?

• Flexy-Weld is a unique flexible robot welding solution that is currently in development and field-testing phase in Lithuanian metal processing company LT Technologies (through
• Solution completely eliminates the need for jigs/fixtures - new solution is based on an innovative flexible hexapod technology FlexHex that adapts to any new piece and holds it in place for welding
• Solution dramatically increases flexibility and agility of production, eliminates the need for hundreds of different jigs/fixtures (warehousing, time waste), therefore increasing capacity and productivity, saving time and increasing earnings
• Factobotics is one of the key partners in the project performing both technological and business development tasks

More about the core technology of the Flexy-Weld solution: http://flexhex-robot.com/

Thomas Ronlev

CEO / Co-Founder

+370 685 35 145