What is NexusCell solution?

NexusCell is the flexible operator robot for spotwelding, screwing and much more.
NexusCell is made with a standard cell design – that allows the user simply to exchange the tooling, and if needed aligner and palletizing modules (stationed on mobile carts) and make it useful for new simple
In our team we have specialists in tooling and add’ons to robots that can help our clients to make maximum use of the robot – just as the most flexible employee changing from one project to the next.
NexusCell is removing repetitive and harmful work – and letting the in-house experts do the more inspiring work (making it easier to keep the most skilled employees)
NexusCell can work outside shift hours – and take the pick orders as well.
Makes a ROI every day.
In the final design stage and will be put into production and demonstrated during spring 24 at LT

Thomas Ronlev

CEO / Co-Founder

+370 685 35145