Unique over-head intra-factory logistics robot

What is OHTider and how does it work?

• OHTider is a unique intra-factory logistics solution, co-developed together with a textile manufacturing company Devold (Panevėžys, Lithuania), that will deliver textile pieces, work-in-progress items to sewing-operators with an over-head robot system
• System will consist of two main components: auto-buffer system (OHTider auto) and the over-head robot (OHTider co-operator)
• OHTider robot was developed through a Robotic Partnership model with an end-user manufacturing company Devold - the plan is to create an OHTider spin-off company and commercialize the intra-logistics solution further
• Currently OHTider auto is being installed in the factory and is expected to be launched by the end of Q4 2020

Thomas Ronlev

CEO / Co-Founder

+370 685 35 145