Standard coupling system

Robo-Coup is a coupling system made for your needs with possibilities to transfer data, power and compressed air - modular and therefore adjustable for the clients’ specific needs. Robo-Coup is designed specifically as an integrated part of MiR mobile robots to control dock and release via the MiR robot.

The design of the integrated coupling provides accuracy of alignment while MiR robot is coupling to a loading/unloading station.

The coupling system is made as Plug-and-Play. Smart sensor controls docking and provides real-time statistics.

Several application examples:
  • Connecting a few robot units together
  • Docking mobile robot for recharging or delivery
  • Automatic tool changing when robot feeds the machine with various components
  • Loading of goods where precise positioning is required
  • End/beginning of process line transportation

Thomas Ronlev

CEO / Co-Founder

+370 685 35 145